Treat the Land Rover you own the attention you need at our authorized workshop


Land Rover Service

To keep your Land Rover in optimum condition follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the maintenance of your car or you can simply ask us to inform you about all the right inspections and the services you need to perform.

Regular maintenance of your Land Rover is necessary if you want to keep it in it’s best possible condition unchanged over time.

Three reasons to visit an authorized repairer for the repair of a breakdown:

All maintenance services are always done with spare parts and lubricants in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

An authorized repairer has access to Land Rover’s data in order to keep up with anytechnical changes and always offer you updated services.

Because you do not consider the service of your Land Rover as a simple requirement but you would prefer to leave it to trusted and experienced hands of our authorized workshop.


Damage Repairs

Why you should visit an authorized workshop for the repair of your damage?

The procedures followed for damage repairs of your car are entirely defined by the manufacturer and faithfully implemented by the experienced and professional staff of our workshop. In extremely difficult cases, our workshop has the opportunity to request technical support directly from Land Rover. This capability is provided by Land Rover only to authorized repairers.

In that way we offer you the most secure and trusted solutions for your Land Rover repairs.


Pre MOT test

It’s time for your MOT testing and you don’t want to be taken by surprise?

Come to our authorized workshop with your car to check it out and see if it needs any repairs.
Alternatively, we can take over the MOT TEST process of your Land Rover and relieve you from stress and any bad surprises.

Any questions? Call (+30) 2310753000 or e-mail us at:

(Provided free of charge to our customers)


Seasonal Inspections

In Koumantzias S.A. we offer you a series of four tests to be sure about your car throughout the year free of charge.

Winter inspection: 17 point check and battery check

Spring inspection: 17 point check

Summer inspection: 17 point check, air condition check (ideally you can combine it with air-filter change and A/C cleaning)

Autumn inspection: 17 point check and windshield wipers check (You can ask for our offer if you want to change your wipers)

Our technical advisors will inform you whether your car needs repair and they will immediately give you the exact cost.

Make an appointment for a free check at 2310753000 or by e-mail at entitled as “Free visual inspection.”


Land Rover Warranties

Your Land Rover is an engineering, progression and stylish design achievement. If any part needs to be repaired or replaced because of a manufacturing defect within the first three years of operation, we will repair it free of charge to our authorized workshop.
Do you want to make use of your warranty? Visit our authorized workshop to book your car a service. In most cases we will repair it immediately. In some cases however, it is likely we might need a factory approval to proceed.

The service carried out in our workshop is recorded consistently in the service booklet of your car so as to never find yourself surprised.


24h service Service (Thessaloniki & Chalkidiki)

aving difficulties while on the road? Our 24-hour service department is at your service any time. We will sent you a technician right away and if the problem cannot be solved on site we will take care of your Land Rover’s towing to our workshop and will offer you a courtesy car instead.